Engineering Gamefi Builds & Battle Features in Velhalla

Velhalla releases the next DEV update as we move closer to the full game release!

July has come and gone, and the Velhalla DEVs are back with another development update! In this update, the DEVs have some important news on the NFT Airdrop from last month including info on the new airdrop system that will provide smoother transactions (1:09 – 5:49). You will also see an in-depth sneak peak on how the combat scenes and the battleground arrangements are being created and the VFX design for the in game battle scenes (5:50 – 15:55).

The DEVs have also made some major progress with the building and harvesting functions of the game (15:56 – 20:22) along with a few surprise changes to the PFP NFTs  (20:23 – 24:14). As always, the DEVs art production continues to bring creativity to the world of Velhalla with new and improved character designs and artistic attention to detail in their land design (24:15 – 31:09) As we draw closer to the release of the full game, the DEVs are taking things step by step to give the Velhalla community exceptional game play. Part of those next steps include updates to the battle design of the game, how the resource harvesting will play out, and the highly anticipated land exchange program that will allow players to combine purchased land (31:10).

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